Taco Truck at Revel, Atlantic City (Distrito Cantina)

Everyone loves a decent taco and Atlantic City has one of the best over at Revel Casino. OK, it's not a real truck standing on the road, but an indoor imitation truck, but it is very very good quality

Fridays and Saturdays sees the truck stay open until midnight, so it's a good place to get a late bite to eat. We wished it had been open until 4am though, when we were searching for exactly this type of post-drinks eatery.


Iron Chef Jose Garces

Yes, this is indeed a taco place run by an Iron Chef - this means you are getting something really quite special every time you bite into one of those tacos. Some of our favorite tacos are shown below

Carnitas - pulled pork, black beans, pineapple sals

Pescado - fish, chipotle remoulade, pickled red cabbage, avocado

Camarones y Chorizo - shrimp, chorizo, refried beans, tomato, relish

Oh and of course, the tamales to die for - just as the should be!

As well as the tacos, you can get your favorite salsas and guacamole, as well as refried beans, rice and sweet corn a

It would be hard to write about this place without mentioning the tortas, which were also excellent. They only have three, but these mexican sandwiches are all amazing too and well-worth trying.

Huevos - egg, bacon, avocado and refried beans

Milanesa - crispy chicken, avocado, queso oaxaca, watercress

Carne Asada - skirt steak, sliced tomato, crema, refried beans

I guess that the only thing about this taco truck that is authentic would be the price of the food. As you would expect at Revel casino, the prices are not quite the same as if you in Mexico!

That said, the taco stand / cantina at Revel is definitely still not bad value when you consider the sheer quality of the ingredients you are getting.