Gallagher's Burger Bar in Atlantic City

For a truly great burger in Atlantic City, one of the best options available is Gallagher's Burger bar, which you will find at Resorts Casino Hotel.

The atmosphere at Gallagher's is that of a sports bar, although an upscale one, which has been recently renovated. It is comfortable and friendly, with a good atmosphere that will suit all kinds of people.

As you would expect, the main reason to go here is to get a great burger, but they do have some other great stuff on the menu. For example, they have a good range of salads, including a terrific spinach salad.



There are not many appetizers at Gallagher's, but the ones they have are superb - you can try their clams, chicken wings, coconut shrimp and mozzarella triangles. If you have a grou, these are all perfect for shrimp as you wait for your main course burger.


20oz burger

Ever had a burger this size? Well you can if you head to Gallagher's - their monster burger is called The Hub Cap and it is a perfect description. Definitely one to share with friends, unless you have an incredible appetite.


Kobe Burger

A lot of visitors come to Gallagher's to eat the Kobe burger. There are two Kobe burgers on offer - the first being a classic 8oz version and the other being a 'supreme' version that includes applewood smoked bacon, wild mushrooms and parmesan brown sauce



The other thing that Gallagher's specializes in is the humble sandwich. Now, if you are going to serve a great burger sandwich, the others need to up to standard too. The good news is that Gallagher's does not disappoint.

Sandwiches include a classic Philly cheese steak, a lump crab cake sandwich, grilled chicken, grilled vegetable sandwich and a shaved prime rib sandwich to die for - with