Harrys Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant in Atlantic City

If Oysters are your big thing, then there is only one destination for you in Atlantic City, and that is Harry's. However, if you are looking for a sports bar, then the place is also likely to be the thing you are looking for.

You can find Harry's restaurant close by to Caesars, right on the boardwalk, with a grand entrance leading you in.

The seafood on offer at Harry's is by far the best in Atlantic City, with a huge range of the very freshest fish. Salmon, Flounder, Yellowtail, Snapper, Shrimp, Lobster, Crab Cakes and Tuna to name just a few.

You will also find plenty of classic fish dishes from around the world, including British fish and chips (cooked perfectly when we tried them) and Mexican fish tacos and a very good chicken Milanese

One big surprise for us, was the quality of the meat dishes in Harrys. We went with a couple that did not eat fish and so tired the pulled pork and it turned out to be some of the best pulled pork we had ever tasted - bravo!

The sirloin steak was also very good, with lovely roasted potatoes, caramelized onions and sautéed vegetables - perfectly cooked and good value.

Like buffalo wings and sliders when you are watching the game? Well, Harry's has some of the bets you will ever taste!

Being a sports bar, as well as a fish restaurant means that you also get a great range of beers and you can watch the game on tv whenever you like. It also means you can get some great bar snacks - the nachos are really something very special that you might like to try, but make sure you are hungry!

The menus in Harry's are printed every single day because the menu depends on what the best catch of the day was at the fish markets. This is really reassuring, because this means you are not getting frozen or old fish.