Bills Burger Bar

Inside Harrah's Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, you will find the famous Bills Burger Bar. Serving up high quality 6oz fast food burger, individually hand-pressed, they are delicious, made of prime quality beef.

With a lot of variations on offer, including with the type of fries you can get, this burger joint provides a good selection for anyone that is picky about what, exactly they want from their burger.

As with many burger places in new jersey you will be asked how you would like the burger done. However, if you were to reply 'medium rare' you would be immediately told that is not possible and the best they can do is medium.

On he occasion I visited, I asked for medium, being told it would be pink in the middle. However, it came well done, although thankfully not at all dry, with a nice juicy texture, so was fine. The taste was, I have to say, superb and I would definitely visit again.

Something you will really like about bills burger bar, if you are a fan of a hoppy brew, is the selection of beers. A full 50 beers are on offer at bills, with some very interesting craft brews amongst them.

On the occasion I went, I chose the river horse hop hazard beer (6.5%) which was excellent and I would definitely go for that again should I see it on the menu.