Mussel Bar at Revel Casino Hotel Atlantic City

When you are looking for mussels to eat, it's always worth finding out where the best quality place is - it's better to eat good quality mussels once, than bad quality mussels ten times.

The mussel bar at Revel is certainly one of the best. Most likely, they have the best mussels in AC and also, a great range of beers too!

In classic Belgian style (the home of mussels), you can also get some great fries at the mussel bar at Revel. What could be better than mussels, a big bowl of fries and a top quality Belgian beer?

If you have never had Belgian style mussels and fries (Moule Frite), then you might like to know that it is traditional to have a side of mayonnaise to dip the fries in. That may be an acquired taste for many, but worth a try - you can always head back to the ketchup if you don't like it so much.