Phillips Seafood in Atlantic City

Situated right on the Boardwalk, opposite Caesars Palace Casino, Philips Seafood has become an Atlantic City institution.

The main Philips restaurant is found on the Caesars Pier, quite close to the front on the Boardwalk. As you would expect from a Caesars-associated restaurant, the quality is excellent. They would not allow anything less.


Clam Bakes

Anyone that loves seafood and has never had a clam bake should really head down to Philips as soon as they can and get in on the action. This traditional menu may seem pricy at first ($59), but you get an amazing meal

The clam bake starts with New England Clam Chowder, or Maryland vegetable crab soup.Traditional recipes going back generations.

This is then followed by a second course of mixed salad greens. After that you get the entree which comprises a whole Main lobster (yes, a whole one!) along with crab legs, clams and mussels. Add to that, you also get Red Bliss potatoes and corn on the cob - wow, this meal needs an appetite!

Finally, you get the 'light' options of dessert - right now that means chocolate fudge cake or New York cheesecake. Tea and coffee included at the end. Well, after all that, it's a good job you are on the boardwalk, because you are going to need a very very long walk!


Crab Cakes

Perhaps out of all the greta food you can get at Philips, the most famous is the crab cake. Opposite Caesars casino, you wil find a small ' hole in the wall' place selling some of the best food you can get in Atlantic city - the famous crab cake.

The sandwich is a classic small snack rather than a meal, in a soft bun, with lettuce and tomato, with a small tub of tartar sauce. However, you can order the crab cake as a full meal, which includes two sides - for example, you could add coleslaw and corn to make it into a satisfying full meal

The crab used is known for being of the highest quality, om cold wares, with the meat having been hand picked. Inside the cake, you can see the big pieces of lump crab, giving a perfect texture.

No trip to Atlantic city would be complete without sampling one of these crab cakes. That is, as long as you like crab!