Gio's Caribbean Cafe

For something a bit different, just a short stroll away from the boardwalk, you might like to take a look at Gio's Caribbean cafe.

Real home made Caribbean food, freshly prepared (waiting for this type of food to be cooked is always a good sign - meaning it's not just old food being microwaved and re-served). I sampled the jerk chicken with rice and beans (rice and peas if you are in the caribbean).

Other traditional menu items included fried pork (griot), stew beef or turkey, curry goat, curry chicken, fired chicken and oxtail. For lovers of fish, Geo's serves up red snapper and conch -favourites of mine from visits to the Bahamas.

Vegetarians can have a meal of vegetables (legumes), again served up with a choice of sides. Extra sides can also be added, like cabbage and fried plantain.

At the weekends, Geo's serves up a couple of temping specials including goat soup on Saturday's and squash soup on Sunday's.

Drinks include Caribbean coffee, aka 100 (which sounds good, not that I know what it is). The cafe also serves up some classic breakfast dishes. For example, you could feast on

The jerk chicken came with a small tub of very spicy coleslaw, some very fresh salad (lettuce and tomatoes), some Mayo for the salad and some cassava fritter that was very tasty.

As far as taste goes, it was hard to fault the jerk chicken. That is, as long as you like it spicy (which I do). If you prefer your food to be mild, then it would probably be best to let them know before you order, so they can adjust the taste to suit