BBs Restaurant in Atlantic City

So what could be better than getting yourself a great when you next visit Atlantic City? If that's the sort of thing that sounds good to you, then a visit to BBs should definitely be on the cards.

The concept of BBs is simple - Burgers and Beers (BBs)


The Burgers

When you go to BBs, you get fresh meat that is ground daily and hand pressed. Top quality meat that has never been frozen.

The quality of the meat is the secret top why the burgers taste so good and being handed pressed by experienced burger chefs, they remain moist and juicy, even if you have it well cooked.

One of the favorite burgers at BBs is the Spicy Jalapeño Burger - it's not for the fient-hearted though - with Pepper Jack Cheese, Pico De Gallo, Jalapeño, Shredded Lettuce, Chipotle Aioli


The Beer

BBs is heaven for the beer lover, with dozens of draft and bottled beers available - they have domestic and imported, big brand names as well as craft beers and little-known microbrewery ales on offer.

Basically, whatever your taste in beer, BBs is absolutely guaranteed to have the perfect beer(s) for you and your friends.

Even better, BBs has not one, but TWO happy hours - one from 5-7pm and another from 10pm-midnight


Great value - A Hidden Secret in AC

So, one of the really great things about BBs is that you get truly great value. As with many of the food places found at The Atlantic City Club Casino Hotel, the emphasis is on giving customers quality combined with value.

After all, unless you are staying at this hotel, they need to do something to temp you the hundred yards or so down the boardwalk to come and try the restaurants and casino out for yourself!

If you are a member of the casino (you can join for free), then you get a dollar off every burger - this has to be good. In summary, those that are happy to take that short walk to BBs become winners, getting great value at BBs.