Buddakan Tapas in Atlantic City

Situated on the Pier at Caesars, Buddakan is found on the restaurant level. The first thing that strikes you about this place is the way it has been designed, very modern, clean lines and very slick.

Unlike many places that put such a focus on design, this place did not disappoint on the food. Plenty of variety was on offer, with some absolutely stunning dishes.

This is definitely a place you would want to come back to again and again, before deciding which your favorites were - I wish I had this place around the corner from where I live!



Kobe beef - a very tender example of Kobe beef with incredible taste

Edamame ravioli - someone said that these things look like Mexican sombreros and I have to agree - they are fried and the edamame inside is delicious. An unusual, but amazing dish.



Crab fried rice - s superb rice dish and unlike so many crab dishes I have had this one was fresh, delicious and comes with a ton of crabmeat.

Sea bass - Well cooked and delicate, just how it should be

Lamb chops - One of the specialities that even gets locals coming back again and again. They are perfectly cooked and have a superb flavor..



Buddha's Bento Dessert - if you can;t decide which dessert to have, why not have 6 of them? this is a tasting of 6 desserts and our were all delicious.

Cinnamon crispy spring rolls - these delicacies come stuffed with macadamia nuts, apples, ice cream and caramel too. Wonderful.