Souzai Sushi in Atlantic City

For some reason, Sushi is not as easy to find in Atlantic city, as it is in other cities. In general, you must head to one of the casinos to find it, but there is one very good place on The Boardwalk - Souzai Sushi

Found on the third floor of the Caesars palace shopping mall, Souzai Sushi overlooks the sea. This is a classic sushi bar, where you can see the chefs preparing your food right in front of you

On my visit I went for take out, as I wanted to try a great wine I had bought earlier and it was only my last day, so this was the last opportunity to eat it with food (I couldn't find a byob sushi place).

I went for a big order, of miso soup and Shitake pot stickers to start with, followed by the sushi sashimi combo meal with a wakame side salad

Service was good, very quick and friendly. Given it was Friday night, the waiting time to get the food wasn't bad at all at 15 minutes.

Whilst I waited I decided to stroll around the shopping mall, browsing some of the other menus in the food area

I would like to have tried Philips Seafood, which looked delicious, judging by some of the plates and  happy faces I saw whilst passing by.

Also, the continental tapas bar looked pretty good, with some plates taking my eye. I didn't manage it on my trip, but if anyone tries it, let me know please.