Simon AC

Everyone likes some fine-dining every once in a while and at the same time, everyone likes a bargain.Simon AC is a fine dining restaurant located at the ATlantic City Club Casino Hotel Resort.

With bold claims to provide both quality and competitive pricing, it was with some trepidation that I tested the water here. Can fine dining really come at prices that make you smile? It certainly can - read on...

Simon AC

Very nice restaurant, when I visited they were just finishing with a whole bunch of tables, clearing them up, but they still managed to seat me pretty quickly despite the stress they were under.

I think my overriding memory of this place was the service. That's no insult to the food, which was excellent (read on), bu the service was just incredible.

With every thing I ordered, especially things where I seemed uncertain, they were keen to let me know that if I didn't like what I was getting then they would simply return it for something I did like. For example, I asked about the creamed spinach and they said if that wasn't to my taste then they could get me plain spinach or spinach with olive oil and garlic.

Likewise, with my second glass of wine (Vermont cabernet) they made sure I knew that if that was not my thing, then they would be happy to bring me glass of the first wine I tried (the Pinot)

So, the food...

Having ordered a glass of wine I was presented with some freshly baked bread, some very good butter and the wine arrived. A enormous glass of wine. Was it the best glass of wine I've ever had? Well, i can certainly tell you that for $8 it was pretty darn big and pretty darn good. Great value.

First up, I wanted to try the carnage oysters. I'd never had these before and, being a big fan of oysters rocker Ella these appealed to me, cooked with spinach and cream, garlic and fresh thyme leaves surrounding them, they were delicious.

Next up was the new York strip. Normally I prefer to go for the rib eye, but on this occasion, thinking of friends of mine from new York (it's their favourite cut) I went for the strip. Asking for rare, it came perfectly cooked, with some of the best steak fires I have ever had.

All the way though out, I was asked how I was oing, the waitress came over and chatted to me, which was nice and also, very important to me as a single diner.

The only shock of the night? The price. And that's a good thing!

Honestly, I was expecting the final check to be about 50% higher than it actually was in the end. How refreshing to come to a place that caters to locals, has locals prices, but without rejecting quality. No longer will I accept paying new York city prices for substandard meals - here I could get new York city steaks for a price that would make me smile.

And smile I did. All the way home....