Planxa Bar in revel casino hotel

One of my favourite food styles, one of my favourite ways of eating, is the spanish tapas. So, I was really excited to come across the planxa bar at Revel.

Cheap, it is not, but fine (fast) dining it certainly is. I chose to start with a beer and found myself with a dogfish 60 minute IPA - perfect, nutty, hoppy, with just the right amount of bitterness to give me a real appetite.

First up came the peppers. No ordinary peppers, these were served up in a (very tasty) lettuce leaf, hints of blus cheese came through but not enough to destroy the flavour of the peppers, but rather, more like enough to compliment it. Flavours of corn came through to add sweetness, well balanced.

Then next was the tortilla. A pretty good effort, but unlike the tortillas that you get in Spain, not with the slightly soft centre, but more than made up for with a small dot of saffron, truffle mayonnaise on top that just lifted the flavour out of the ordinary.

Finally, my main course (taps portion)-the pork with pickles. This was some of the best pork I have had and without doubt the best I have ever had in Atlantic city.

Must have been black pig. Marinated with cider, sweetened (with honey?) and skewered, overlaying something very similar to german sauerkraut, which again produced a perfectly balanced dish -the vinegar from the vegetables complimenting the sweetness

Whoever composed these dishes knows about the importance of balance of flavours. This is definitely a place that could be enjoyed as much by a real foodie looking for something light, interesting as would be by a drunk slot player looking for something to tickle the taste buds.

Of course, such a tapas delight would not be without bread. I was just temporarily concerned that I would not get the bread to mop up the delicious sauces that abounded the tapas, but after asking was given some excellent thinly sliced French bread, just as I remember from my trip to Spain over the years. Perfect.

Would I return? Yes. Like a shot!