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Atlantic City Massage on The Boardwalk

Along the boardwalk, you will see plenty of massage places offering back, foot and body massage. Some of them may even have skills in reflexology.

Prices a generally $30 for 30 minutes, or $50 for an hour, although if you venture south towards the Atlantic casino hotel you are likely to find better offers.

For example, you might see a special offer giving you a 40 minute foot massage for $30, so giving you an extra 10 minutes over the massage places further north around the trump and caesars palace

The massage places along the boardwalk are totally safe and legitimate, with tables being open-plan in a single room. So, you can enjoy the massage without fear of any embarrassing approaches, or rip-offs.


Massage paradise - a personal perspective...

"So, having decided to try one of them out, I chose one called 'massage paradise' (1315 boardwalk). I chose these guys because they seemed genuine and offered to show me around with no obligation, rather than being pushy and insisting that I must take a massage from them.

The massage (30 minute foot massage) was probably the best foot massage I have had. The lady knew exactly how hard to massage the feet and calf muscles, whereas at other places they have been far too rough. This sort of intuitive massage is hard to find, so I was impressed.

During the massage calming music was played in the background and if you chose to, you could watch a video of fish swimming around (I preferred to close my eyes and enjoy it that way).

Another Nice touch was that all of the massage therapists use a timer.

After the initial foot soak and dry-off they start the timer. Many other places would include the soak as part of the treatment, so this was another nice touch - good to know you weren't going to be short-changed into having a 25 minute massage instead of the 30 minutes advertised. Very professional.

Another good thing was that there was no sign of the famous 'unfinished foot scam' that I have had to suffer at other places. This is where a masseuse half finishes the second foot only to ask you to pay another $10 to finish. I've had this happen at other places, so once again, it was good to experience a professional attitude to business.

Overall, although I only experienced one massage and only one therapist, I was very impressed with my Atlantic City Boardwalk massage.

I would definitely go again, next time I'm in Atlantic City."