Salt Water Taffy on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Possibly the most famous confectionary in the whole of New Jersey, salt water taffy is hugely popular with tourists and locals. Some people even make the trip to Atlantic city just to buy salt water taffy.

Contrary to popular belief, the confection does not contain actual sea water, although it does have salt water in it's ingredients, which gives it that same taste that the original salt water would have done.

Salt Water Taffy is said to date back to 1883, when a local store (owned by David Bradley) was flooded with sea water during a storm, with the sea water soaking his taffy stocks.

Following the storm, a local girl came in to buy some taffy and the owner offered her "salt water" taffy. At the time it was a joke, but the girl bought some and took it to show her friends.

Meanwhile a lady working in the store heard this conversation and like the "salt Water" name. Ever since, that name stuck.

These days, the taffy comes in a huge variety of flavors, some made with natural ingredients. Popular varieties include Banana Split, Caramel Corn, Chocolate, Root Beer, Popcorn, Vanilla and Original. New flavors are added all the time, which seem to become more and more creative with every year that passes.

As well as salt water taffy, stores in Atlantic City also sell sugar free taffy and a number of other confectionaries.



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