Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk has a history going back to 1870, when a hotel owner petitioned the local government for a mile-long walkway to be established on the sea front.

The Boardwalk is 24 feet wide and 10 feet high, with a classic herringbone board pattern and steel support structures.

During it's early years, there were several rebuilds of the Boardwalk, but for the last 100 years the structure has remained pretty much the same.

Along the Boardwalk, you will find a huge number of attractions, entertainment, food and drink to suit every style and taste.

Although a lot of people think of the beach and the casinos when they think of Atlantic City, there are so many other great things, it's almost impossible to list them all.

Food is another big thing on the boardwalk - from fast food to fine dining, there will be something for everyone's appetite.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

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