Fairground Food on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

One of the most exciting things for visitors walking along the Boardwalk, is the opportunity to let themselves go- a chance to enjoy some real fairground style food and drink and to re-live their childhood, just for a short while.

Of course, for kids, it's a chance to enjoy their childhood right now and indulge in what is hopefully, some special treats - the chance to experience a rare occasion where they can eat some, perhaps not so healthy, but definitely very very tasty food, cooked just how they like it.

So, what does The Boardwalk offer, in terms of food treats?

Let's take a look at some of the most popular foods to be had. Below, there is a gallery of some of the foods on offer, but if you look to the left, there is a list of the foods, with links to a page for each of the delicacies.


Boardwalk Food

Salt Water Taffy

Hot Dogs



Funnel Cake

Crab Cake



Ice Cream

Cotton Candy


Fresh Roast Peanuts


Apple Dumplings



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