Supermarkets in Atlantic City

When it comes to supermarket shopping, this is an area where quite a few people feel that, for all of it's greatness, Atlantic City can be found wanting. Most residents in Atlantic City tend to travel out of the town to find a major supermarket to do the really big family shops.

That's not to say that Atlantic City doesn't have supermarkets, just that many of them are what some would refer to as 'convenience' stores, rather than being genuine major big brand supermarkets that many expect.

As far as supermarkets go, the Shop Right brand is quite common to find outside the city - you will find a couple in Egg Harbor. There are also a couple of Wawa supermarkets that have a good reputation

For more up-market supermarkets, like Whole Foods, you will need to take a trip to Philadelphia.


Atlantic City Shopping

Atlantic City Shopping



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