The Pier Shops at Caesars, Atlantic City

The Pier shops at Caesars are incredibly popular. It's a shopping mall on sticks, if you like, with the most incredible views to boot.

Entering the shops, you will notice that the focus is very much on high-end, designer brands, but there are also plenty of mid-range outlets too as well as stuff for kids.


Examples of Brands at Caesars Pier

Louis Vuitton
Sports City
Victoria's Secret
LUSH Cosmetics


Food at Caesars Pier

The Pier at Caesars also has great food options. Unlike many shopping malls, the food on offer at Caesars mall are both high quality and good value.

For the best value food and drink, you should head to the canteen style place on the top floor. With a great range of hot meals and salads that should suit every taste, you can get a 3 course meal for under $10.


Deck chairs

Of course, the Pier isn't just about great shops and food, there are also the famous free deck chairs that have amazing views over the sea. sitting in one of the deck chairs, you get to see right over the entire beach and out to sea.

Sitting in a deck chair, taking in the way the weather moves and changes over time is one of the most relaxing experiences in the whole of AC.


Water Show

Described as a '6 minute multi-perceptionary experience', the Water Show is well worth seeing. On display throughout the day, it is worth a quick look if you are in the area.



One other thing that not many people know, is that Caesars Pier is geared up to provide weddings, with a spectacular view.


Atlantic City Shopping

Atlantic City Shopping



Pier Shops at Caesars

Renaissance Plaza

Tanger Outlets

English Creek


Food and Drink

Farmers Market

Liquor Stores