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Top 10 Things to Do in Atlantic City

Everyone that visits Atlantic City enjoys doing different things. The more you visit, the more you will find what floats your boat, what your favorite attractions are, your favorite places to eat, where to have fun and where to relax.

Meanwhile, here are a few of our favorite things to do:


1 - Stroll the Boardwalk

Yes, it might not sound like 'an attraction', but simply strolling along the Boardwalk is so relaxing and so interesting, it's always the first on the list of things to do. Of course, it's free, which makes it even better!


2 - Hit the Beach

Another free source of joy is simply hitting the beach. On a nice day, there is nothing better than lying on the Atlantic City beach, listening to the waves, forgetting all your material concerns and letting the hours drift by.


3 - Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum

This one is a great thing to do when the weather is bad. Some days, it's just not possible to hit the beach or to enjoy the Boardwalk, if it is wet or windy, or just too darned hot. On those days, we love to see all the weird and interesting things over at Ripley's.


4 - The Pier at Caesars

There are three great things about the Pier at Caesars that we love. Firstly, it's the shopping, then there is the eating and last but by no means least, the amazing views over the Boardwalk and the Sea.

The views are simply stunning and you can also take advantage of one of the free deck chairs, get yourself a drink and watch the scenery


5 - The Steel Pier Amusement Park

A lot of visitors come to Atlantic City for one thing and one thing only - that is, the Amusement Park at Steel Pier. For anyone worried about damage from Hurricane Sandy, the good news is that the Pier survived and will be up and running as usual this season.


6 - Enjoy some of Atlantic City's Fine Dining

One of the biggest improvements seen in Atlantic City over the last decade, has been in the amazing variety and quality of food on offer. Recently, the opening of Revel saw the Atlantic City dining scene take another step forward, with their new selection of outstanding restaurants


7 - Absecan Lighthouse

A wonderful, historic site on the New Jersey shore, the Absecan Lighthouse is one of the oldest in the country and is open to visitors. The great thing about this lighthouse, is that you are actually allowed to walk right to the top. Only do it if you are fit though, there are 228 steps!


8 - Eat some Salt Water Taffy

What trip to The Boardwalk in Atlantic City would be complete without feating on some of the famous Salt Water Taffy. Possibly the most famous candy on the West Coast of America and still to this day, one of the tastiest


9 - Take a Ride in an Antique Wicker Chair

When you take a Wicker Trolley Ride in Atlantic City, you are taking part in a great American tradition. The trolleys are pushed by hand along the Boardwalk, just the same as when they were first introduced in the 1800s


10 - Get Yourself Some Bargains

One of the newest attractions in Atlantic City is the New Shopping Outlets right in the middle of the City. If you love a bargain, then these outlets (over 100 stores) are an absolute must-visit. Don't forget to print out your money off vouchers before you go though!