Atlantic City Dining

The dining scene in Atlantic City has improved so much over recent year, so that it is virtually unrecognisable when comparing to a decade ago.

Until recently, Atlantic City was not known for gourmet delights. Yes, there was good food to be had, but it was not a place that people flocked to in order to enjoy fine dining.

How things have changed. These days, you can find a huge variety of high quality food and drink in Atlantic City.

AC now has everything you could wish for in terms of dining. Offering great variety rom the classiest restaurants that would be perfectly at home in the most upmarket of regions in the biggest of Cities, right through to the best in home-style cooking just like Mom used to make.

Some of our favorite places are listed below, illustrating the great variety of food to be had in Atlantic City, to suit all tastes:


The Mussel Bar at Revel Casino
Knife and Fork Inn
Celebrity Corner Deli
Geo's Caribbean Cafe
Planxa Bar at Revel
Simon AC
Bill's Burgers
Village Whiskey
Souzai Sushi
The Taco Truck at Revel
Cornucopia Buffet
Harry's Seafood